Electricity How It Works Percy Dunsheath

ISBN: 9780690258035

Published: 1968


248 pages


Electricity How It Works  by  Percy Dunsheath

Electricity How It Works by Percy Dunsheath
1968 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 248 pages | ISBN: 9780690258035 | 9.80 Mb

A good book if you are interested in a basic understanding of electricity. The book details the workings of many of the basic systems and gives them all in a historical context. This book is meant for children, but sometimes goes into enough complexity that it can get beyond their level. In fact it can get beyond an adult who does not know about the fields level. The book contains a small amount of math, and contains many experiments you can do yourself.

For some of the experiments material might be difficult to get a hold of and of course I do not suggest you do any experiments with mercury without proper precautions. The book is a bit outdated, It has a large section devoted to tubes, with a very small bit about transistors at the end.If you have the book available and want a good overview of electricity, with some interesting insights into the history I recommend this book as a starter, but I would not seek it out if unavailable to you.

I would get a more modern book, which goes into better detail about modern components.

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